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Qigong Classes
Suggested donation $10-15 per class


You can choose to drop in on any class, no sign-up required at this time. This class is currently offered once per week in Ithaca. We will also once again teach a summer series at the Lucky Hare Taproom in Hector. Click here for the current schedule.


Membership to NATSTA is not required for participation.

Once-a-week Martial arts class attendance


This level is for people who are averaging one evening martial arts class per week - whether Xingyi or Bagua - which are currently offered 3 times per week. The student is expected to practice and to keep up with the training to the best of their abilities. Ask the instructor about possible per-class rate. Click here for the current schedule.

*NATSTA membership is required. See below for details.

2 to 3 classes per week


This level gives the student access to all the martial arts classes offered, in both Xingyi and Bagua. Maintaining a practice of all these arts requires commitment and discipline; the student is expected to maintain their own daily practice.

*NATSTA membership is required. See below for details.

NATSTA (North american tang shou tao) Membership
$100/year (annual fee)


At FLX Acupuncture & Gongfu, we are part of a "gongfu family." The practice and cultivation of gongfu that is available here is only possible because we are part of a larger community spread out across the globe. We are guided by our late founder, Vince Black, and by our teachers from China and other parts of the world. We benefit regularly from interactions with other schools, who practice the same methods we do. Because of this, joining the North American Tang Shou Tao Association (NATSTA) is required of anyone wishing to study these arts (the exception being the morning qigong classes, no membership required), in order to support the work of the Association in making these arts available to us. NATSTA is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization.

There are many benefits to becoming a member:

  • You'll be eligible to attend a variety of member-only regional and national events every year, which focus on a varying combination of Xingyi, Bagua, Qigong, Taiji, Liuhebafa, San Miguel Eskrima, Kajukenbo, and our treasured Gongfu medicine. These events often include special guest teachers from around the world

  • You'll receive discounts on seminars and class series, when offered

  • You'll receive a NATSTA tee shirt and a biannual newsletter reporting on the various Association happenings across the world

More info here:

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