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About Gongfu

Rooted in Tradition

What is "gongfu"? The basic definition is "skill developed through dedicated practice over time." Skills can only be transmitted beyond the basic level by individual and personal interaction. Skills can only be developed beyond the basic level by individual and personal efforts and research.

Because of this we make no effort to mass communicate and we are more interested in training together than in teaching large “classes”. When you join one of our classes you become part of a constant and ongoing effort in training and cultivation.

Students will find they must bring a serious attitude and a self-motivation to fully benefit from training at our school.

Training at our school is much as it has been in China for the past hundred years or more. Students can expect to find themselves in a small group with practice focused on developmental exercises and neigong or moving meditation. Two-person drills and self-defense applications will feature in every class however the level of intensity is modified according to the constitution and abilities of the student. Focus on self-defense, push hands or weapons is available after a student has developed foundational skills.

All of our arts are passed to us by men and women of high moral standards with great filial loyalty to their ancestors and to their arts. This is a stance and a standard we are dedicated to maintaining. We work sincerely to guard the essence and the essential, as it has been handed down to us.

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